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Daniel Laplante
CEO / co-founder
Marc-André Bruneau
CTO / co-founder
Elie Perez
CRO / co-founder
Daniel Laplante
CEO / co-founder
Background in Software Engineering, R&D, and medical projects.
8 years as an Entrepreneur in Software for Small Businesses (POS).
15 years as an Entrepreneur in Entertainment and Multimedia Software.
Experience in Sales & Marketing, Product Management, Biz Dev and Operations.
Entrepreneur with solid experience in Software Development, International Business, Sales and Marketing, Software Architecture and Development. Started in 1988 with software for 8088 intel PC, following start-up experience with point of sales and rental software (incl. video store w/ central system), than video games until 1998 where he co-founded MISTIC Software, which became DTI Software. Created a RAD Studio and multiplatform technology which was later used in MISTIC Software and DTI Software (as BIS), enabling the company to deploy games on over 10 platforms and 28 languages from one single development effort. After 13 years in growing the business to 95% market share with over 100 airline customers, he made an exit transaction in 2008 with a 3 years term that ended in late 2011.
Marc-André Bruneau
CTO / co-founder
Software Engineering expertise in embedded systems, video games, mobile and web projects.
10 years in leading Software Development teams, implementing methodologies and processes.
Experience in leading software initiatives worldwide and establishing offices in California.
Marc-André joined DTI Software right after college, where he developed games for In-Flight Entertainment systems. After moving to California in 2005, he assembled a team that was responsible for system support, research and development as well as software integration. He developed a series of tools and libraries helping DTI to support countless of software configurations, before writing the IFE SDK that laid out the foundation for the creation of a new wireless product line called WISE® (Wi-Fi entertainment portal for mobile devices).

As VP Engineering, Marc-André was responsible for a group of 120 employees covering all engineering activities which involved the development of multi-platform systems, the research and development of new technologies as well as the implementation of methodologies allowing the release of 10000+ games and application versions each year. His passion for software and experience with technology led him to see the need that small businesses have.
Elie Perez
CRO / co-founder
Bachelor degree in Finance, 18 months in Financial Institutions, 5 years in International Affairs.
Biz Dev, Partnership, Contractual & Strategy.
Elie worked at Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec right after graduating, before starting a career in International Affairs at DTI Software. Elie has established key partnerships with corporations such as Panasonic, Thales and Airbus, securing millions in recurring revenues. He has lead business development effort in Europe, Asia, Middle East and North America.

Elie has collaborated in various startup projects among fellow entrepreneurs of his business network.
Carlo Gaudreault
Graphic UI | UX Design
Multimedia Integration & Interactive Design at Cégep de l’Outaouais in 2006.
3D Animation Modeling & Rendering at La Cité Collégiale in 2008.
7 years expertise in Graphical User Interface & User Experience Design.
Branding, Graphic Design, Ecosystems for Human Machine Interfaces.
Carlo was serious about design ever since his first LEGO® set. At a young age he was exposed to various creative tools such as Macromedia Flash® and Adobe Photoshop®, exploring with video game design and interactivity.

Carlo got his first work experience during college as a flash animator and web design consultant for Government of Canada. He later graduated and joined DTI Software as a Graphical User Interface Designer for embedded systems, where he collaborated on various international projects such as : Air Canada’s in-flight interactive experience deployed onboard new aircrafts; KLM’s onboard Meal Menu; in-flight eReader; and WISE™ (Wi-Fi entertainment portal for mobile devices).

He specializes in creating ecosystems for Human Machine Interfaces using the most recent technologies. In addition to graphic design, 3D animation and video editing, branding is also one of his multiple talents that make him a very versatile professional.
Peter Zsurka
Web Software Developer
Graduated in Computer Science at CEGEP Vanier.
15 years experience in Web Development.
After graduating, Peter got his first video game industry experience working at Ubisoft, performing assurance quality and game software localisation tasks. He joined DTI Software in 2002, where he often traveled to California to performed software certification for a few years to then move on flash and web development for marketing and application projects.

Peter has been working as a consultant in web development for years, and among his various projects, he co-founded the KFC Cinema web site in 1998, a leading Asia Cinema Review site with an impressive score during the peak period in the site’s history.
Martin Guay
Software Architect
Bachelor degree in Computer Science at Sherbrooke University.
9 years experience in Software Development (embedded, mobile, web).
Martin joined DTI Software in 2006 where he contributed to a great number of software certification projects in California as part of the local Tech Support Team. Martin has been involved in several R&D initiatives, and at the core of architecture design and framework development for embedded systems, as well as mobile (Android and iOS).

Seeking new challenges, Martin participated in a video game startup project with Execution Labs in 2013.
Xavier Vautier
AI Engineering Specialist
Master degree in Cognitive Science at EPITA in 2006.
Expert in Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining.
Strong Expertise in Productivity and Methodology Implementation.
10 years experience in the Software Industry.
His passion for technology led Xavier to study Cognitives Sciences and Artificial Intelligence. He started as a Technical Lead for Thales in 2006, to follow with positions at DTI Software (as a Team Leader) and Ubisoft where he contributed to middleware and application projects.

In the recent years, Xavier has gain a solid experience in Software Development Productivity (process design and tools development). The combination of both expertises has become a key asset for technology startup projects. Xavier’s academic and work experiences have made him valuable for research and development projects for which he is now dedicating himself with the objective of helping small businesses reach the productivity level of big companies by providing an intelligent way to use data and expose results.
Astrid Bertout
Digital Marketing
Bachelor degree in Marketing at HEC Montreal.
Business development experience.
Passionate about communication.
With a first Marketing experience within a SME of Montreal, Astrid has expanded her abilities in business development, by providing a long term relationship with customers and by ensuring an important online presence. Passionate about communication and technologies, she was naturally oriented towards online marketing.

This recent graduate from HEC Montreal, is driven by challenges and innovation.
Pauline Le
Partnership Manager
Graduated in strategy and international business in Paris Saclay University in France.
Expert in customer relationship through internships in bank industry.
Devoted to manage business activities in an international context.
Pauline has obtained her master’s degree in strategy and international business in Paris Saclay University. She has began her professional experience in CIC private bank in France where she became at the first address for customers. She has gained a solid experience in consulting, sales, and market development in results of its business plan commitments for identifying needs of its customers.

Pauline has a strong interest in entrepreneurship challenge and gives all the means for booxi to be present in markets which have to adjust to customer’s usage and attitude. Working for booxi in an international context makes Pauline a valuable partnership manager, as she is able to work in different cultural contexts and cope with multiple complex.
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Frequently Asked Questions
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What is booxi?
booxi is a mobile and online smart appointment booking directory enabling consumers to book appointments at any time and be reminded. It also helps professional and businesses doing their appointment management and provide them a virtual assistant for various administrative, marketing and business tasks.
Quel est le marché de booxi?
booxi offers it smart appointment booking platform to small service businesses who meet with clients to deliver a service. We are referring to businesses various sectors such as health and beauty, tradesmen, and various professional services. For example a SPA, a Hair Salon, an Osteopath, as well as an Electrician, and an Heating & Cooling Specialist.

The product also targets self employed professionals as well as employees of a service business as individuals. A professional can join booxi before or after a business starts using it, as it has various ways to integrate with existing tools.

Finally, even though booxi gets its revenue from business, it provides a valuable option for clients to book appointments when they have time and be reminded.
What is the business model?
booxi’s revenue model is based on a per appointment basis, so businesses only pays when it proves to be useful. Businesses don’t even have to provide a business card when they register and no recurring fees are charge when they do.
What technology does booxi bring?
booxi provides a smart and efficient appointment booking platform that makes complex booking decisions look and feel simple. This technology will integrate with business web sites, directories and mobile applications, as we planned to make it available to web designers and software developers.
What is innovative about booxi?
booxi is not only an online appointment booking platform, it is a smart virtual assistant that manages and takes booking decisions based on rules defined by the way a professional conduct its business. It learns from the business and works for it.
How is booxi different from the competition?
What OS platform is it compatible with?
booxi is first introduced to businesses through mobile devices on Android, then following with iOS. Clients will use our directory website to book appointments with businesses. We will follow with a web business application and later introduce a tablet versions. Once the initial deployment is completed Android and iOS devices as well as most web browsers will be able to communicate together. In the second phase, booxi will launched its client mobile application providing a personal experience enhancing the communication between client and professional.
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